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The second floor is at entry level so will seem like the first floor, just to confuse you. These paintings can
be seen in closer views on other pages of this site, under the categories final paintings, children's
appropriations, single objects and heads. It was fun to hang these paintings in the context of
walls freshly painted with what I call 'designer' colors, especially the row of single objects,
dark paintings against a dark gray wall.
main floorfloor one
ojbectsfloor one
floor wonwon fl
one flourobject single
flour won
now we go to the hallway leading to the bathrooms:
bath 1bath 2
bath 3bath 4
bath 5bath6
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Price List

Single Objects, left to right: $ 1,500 each
Dark Lock, 1988
Devil Driver, 1986
Dairy Atoms, 1987
Throwaway World, 1987
Connection, 1987
One More Cup, 1987

Heads, left to right: $ 1,500 each
Senor Goya, 1985
Snow Plow Operator, 1986
Mid-Yawn Sneeze, 1985
Chair Man, 1985
Hedge Clipper, 1985
Underwhelmed, 1986
Paul Cezanne, 1985
Divisor, 1986

Court Shades (9 canvases), 2006  $ 4,000

Summit, 1992 (across from copy machines)  $ 1,400

Pencil Almighty (above fountain) 1991    $  700
Beach Seen Business, 2004    $ 1,800
Jamais Vu, 1984    $ 1,500
Before Pim, 1984    $ 1,500
Redhead, 2004    $ 900
Ancestor, 2004    $ 1,000

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