back   Driftwood: NMU literary magazine cover  © 1974-5 Tom Ferguson   I edited the semesterly literary magazine
for two semesters at NMU. The first was done during my Islamic phase so the cover reflects that. 34 years later I used it as basis
for the Great Speckled Bird poster promo see here  The second cover used my kindergarden class photo which I thought was a
real hoot. It happened that the Father of the teacher still lived in Marquette and when he saw the photo scoured the magazine for
"bad" words and naturally found some and went ballistic. "I thought the University was next to the Church!, he said and raved on.
I was polite, apologetic despite it being the 60s. I was in the office of one of the administrators discussing this and he
called a friend downstate who advised this strategy saying it usually works and the issue just fades away. It did.
drftwd 2
driftwood second