back   Arts Festival Corridor © 1981 Tom Ferguson  40' long, a chamber every 4', 10 such each its own color. The proposal for this sculpture was much more interesting than it turned out in the flesh, or the plywood. The idea of having a series of isolated color experiences while at the same time hearing the sounds of the festival outside was no doubt influenced by Bruce Naumann. Be here now sort of thing which actually worked beautifully... the first time I went through it I thought, "Yes, this is just what I envisioned." But soon the karate boys had battered down the doors & it had to be closed. And if there's any eloquence to the form it is barely. On paper it looked good I thought. And like the OK Cafe Money Tree, it was a nightmare to build - & disassemble. I should have learned from this not to take on that Money Tree but the lure of money & the fading of memory.... but that plywood has come in handy over the years. My hands ached for 6 months from handling 3/4 inch 4 x 8" sheets of plywood many times each.
arts fest sculpture