back to main   back to Conceptual    Radiator Epipany © 2008 Tom Ferguson   I had an assignment in art school to do a self-portrait. I had been working at a gas
station, bending over to open the hood and noticing these splattered bugs all over the radiator. I had been wanting to photograph them and
here was an opportunity. Not having a camera I had to get some help and between coordinating schedules & finding a car it ended up with
only the one lonely bug rather than the more dramatic & dense ones that had moved the idea. Like a good journalist one turns in the product that
is ready at deadline. I justified it as self-portrait by insisting that anything I did was of me, thus a self portrait. If you consider it abit, the lone bug,
encountering the radiator unexpectedly is a poignant reminder of our precarious mortality and the whimsical "nets of chance".


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