back  next    Montanna Gold  © 1972 Tom Ferguson  14 x 14" oil on canvas,  collection Philip and Karen Perszyk, Missoula, Montanna. In the next category, Islam, the last two entries, there are two paintings owned by the Perszyks and I elaborate abit there. I wasn't really into titling paintings yet so this one came more recently when the Montanna folks sent images of their collection.

Phil P.

Here's a fantasy: someone with an extra $billion in need of a project - take all the paintings on this website and hire a crew of competent
painters to reproduce them on a larger scale, this one say at 8' square, so make them all 8x larger than the original, build a museum to house them with a wing for as many of the originals as can be tracked down. I'd appreciate it and... be willing to consult.

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