back  next (to the LaGrange Show) © 1984 Tom Ferguson I called Lisa Reynolds, Director of the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center and arranged to meet and look at some work. I told her I planned to approach Macon, LaGrange and others. She offered to sponsor a touring show, which probably enhanced the other approaches. She also suggested targeting certain other museums. It was a great experience and resume item. I had a trailer fabricated for $200 dollars and got a nice tour of Georgia. I'd deliver the work, have an opening, pick it up at the end of the month and bring it to the next venue - they were timed to make that possible, unlikely as that sounds. I remember the misty Chinese landscape feeling of south Ga in the winter and those pecan orchards, the gators in the Okefenokee, Allman brother's graves on a hill in Macon, pines in the sand, north GA mountains, overcooked veggies in all you can eat steak houses, little town squares and,... yes, racism, poverty and trucks stacked with live chickens on their last ride. It was fun to adapt the array of paintings to different spaces. The brochure featured paintings from 1983-4 and statements inside by Peter Morrin and myself. It's on the main page, near the bottom.